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Thor Sector Hype Flow Black/Coral Helmet - Medium


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Feuling Race Series Short Travel Hydraulic Lifters for Twin Cam - Standard Diameter
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Feuling Race Series Short Travel Hydraulic Lifters for Twin Cam - Standard Diameter

New revolutionary design with 0.115" of total travel vs. a full travel lifter with 0.200"

These lifters will increase rpm by decreasing valve float and valve-train harmonics while maintaining a quiet engine

Travel reduction reduces the amount of oil that is required to fill the inside of the lifter which reduces oil aeration in the lifter on steep, fast action high lift camshaft lobes

Short travel lifters should be set with 0.065" - 0.070" of pre-load and with the normal engine growth from heat will put the operating lifter pre-load at or around half travel

Short travel lifters are designed to limit the amount of oil needed to fill the internals of the lifter which results in less oil needed compared to a full travel or other style short travel lifters

Design drastically reduces aeration of the oil producing a fully filled lifter when the lifter rolls around to the front cam lobe ramp vs. having aerated oil and then the pushrod seat dropping when the lifter hits the front cam ramp after squeezing the aeration

Machined from a steel body and designed to exceed the needs of large lift camshafts and higher valve spring pressures with a slower bleed down rate

Precision ground needle roller bearing with high chromium steel axle for long life and minimal friction

Cold forged extra long piston, precision ground and fitted for controlled leak down and pump up

High-flow disc style quick reacting check valve for better reaction at higher rpm

Race Series lifters maintain proper oil flow to the top end, increase engine rpm, valve-train stability, decreasing valve float promoting maximum valve lift

Feuling recommends Race Series® lifters for engines running higher than 185 lbs. valve spring seat pressure

Feuling​ recommends the use of a high volume oil pump which will result in quieter, better performing lifters

Race Series lifters are compatible with either Feuling HP+® or Race Series oil pumps and are designed for use with both street and strip engines

Spin-Tron dyno developed and track proven

Standard diameter

Sold as a set of four

Made in the U.S.A.

NOTE: Feuling ​recommends pumping up each lifter by hand prior to installation, to remove all air and provide a fully pumped up lifter.

Fits all Twin Cam Models and 2000 - 2019 Sportsters

Feuling part number 4050ST

Drag Specialties part number 0928-0107


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