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    EBC Front Brake Pads for Honda CB1000C 1983


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    Vance and Hines Throttlepak for 2008 - 2013 Touring, 2009 - 2013 Trike / Tri Glide, 2012 Softail CVO Convertible
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    Vance and Hines Throttlepak for 2008 - 2013 Touring, 2009 - 2013 Trike / Tri Glide, 2012 Softail CVO Convertible

    Designed for throttle-by-wire motorcycles, Throttlepak improves the responsiveness of your engine by eliminating the factory-programmed electronic lag, whether you are running aftermarket exhausts or not. With Throttlepak, when you twist the throttle, the throttle body responds instantly.

    Compatible with any Exhaust System or Fuel Tuner

    Eliminates Lag for Improved Throttle Response

    Easy Plug-in Installation Into Throttle Body

    Works on Stock and Modified Motorcycles

    Throttlepak is a device that modifies the speed and degree to which the throttle body opens the throttle plate. It only affects the throttle plate’s opening speed. It does not affect the fuel curve, timing curve or any other sensors on the motorcycle, thereby allowing any type of fuel management or flash programming to work as desired. In other words, any diagnostic or ECM tuning work done before the installation of Throttlepak will not be affected.

    Throttlepak’s Patent Pending technology distinguishes itself from other programming modules because it functions dynamically, constantly making adjustments based on reading the quickness with which you twist the throttle grip. Competitor products use only linear tables that can provide the rider only a pre-determined amount of throttle response.

    Throttlepak’s “smart” technology senses your throttle grip movement, moment-by-moment, adding the right amount of assist to deliver the responsiveness you’re asking for. For example, when you want the throttle to open quickly, such as when changing lanes or merging onto a highway, the throttle response will be crisp. On the other hand, if you’re navigating an unstable road surface, like a dirty or slippery road, the throttle response will be more moderate, where you won’t have to worry about the throttle becoming “jumpy” or “jerky”.

    Fits 2008 - 2013 Touring

    ,2009 - 2013 Trike / Tri Glide, 2011 Softail CVO Convertible

    Vance & Hines part number 66003

    Drag Specialties part number 1020-1726


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